Linking Talent to Value

An interesting article by McKinsey on the importance of putting people in the right roles so they and the organisation can succeed. "Having highly talented people isn’t enough. They must be put in the right roles if your organization is to hit its goals and become a global champion and market leader in value creation"

Understanding Your Value To An Organisation

According to Gallup’s recent research (The State of the Global Workplace), a staggering 85% of employees globally are either not engaged or actively disengaged in their jobs. The UK is one of the worst countries in Europe with only 10% engaged.  The report also shows the importance of the role of managers in employee engagement.  70% … Continue reading Understanding Your Value To An Organisation

When Strengths Can Be A Problem

The Basement Of Your Natural Talents Is More Likely To Trip You Up Than A Lesser Talent   Picture the scene of someone who has just got their Clifton StrengthFinder profile report – after a quick glance at their top 5 talent themes (strength categories), they hastily turn over the pages and go to the … Continue reading When Strengths Can Be A Problem