Leadership Development via Action Learning

Action Learning is a highly effective methodology in helping aspiring leaders to test out and develop their leadership skills in a real life environment.  It also provides coaching at a team and individual level to maximise the learning experience and ensure personal developmental objectives are achieved.  The key elements are:

  • a key strategic business issue is scoped and sponsored by a senior executive
  • a team of approx 8 – 10 aspiring leaders from a diverse business background work together to provide research, analysis and recommendations on the project
  • key project milestones and deliverables are identified with regular reviews with the team’s sponsor and major stakeholders
  • regular reflective sessions on team dynamics take place, led by the coach
  • one-on-one coaching is used to focus on the individual’s personal developmental goals
  • 360 feedback and leadership psychometric tools are used

I have worked with major international banks as part of a skilled team of coaches managed by Wallace Partners who have developed this programme for more than 2,500 participants worldwide over a 12 year period.