Leadership Development using Action Learning

Action Learning is a highly effective methodology in helping aspiring leaders to test out and develop their leadership skills in a real life environment.  It also provides coaching at both a team and an individual level in order to maximise the learning experience and to ensure that personal development objectives are achieved.    It provides an opportunity to practice and develop critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and commerical skills.

The key elements are:

  • a key strategic business issue is scoped and sponsored by a senior executive
  • a team of approx 8 – 10 aspiring leaders from diverse business backgrounds work together to provide research, analysis and recommendations on the project
  • key project milestones and deliverables are identified with including reviews with the team’s sponsor and major stakeholders
  • regular reflective sessions on team dynamics take place, led by the coach
  • one-on-one coaching is used to focus on individual personal development objectives
  • 360 feedback and leadership psychometric tools are used

Working in partnership with Dr Larry Wallace who is known for his experience in running state-of-the-art Leadership Development Programmes using Action Learning, I have worked with major international clients to deliver large scale programmes across their divisions and regions.

Key outcomes include:

  • For the Individual
    • Learn about yourself and improve your effectiveness
      • how to balance competing demands
      • interpersonal skills
      • using your initiative
      • how to research and make recommendations on a strategic business project
      • an opportunity to stretch yourself beyond the day job
    • Learn about teams
      • high performing vs just ok … or dysfunctional
      • leadership skills
      • managing uncertainty
    • Learn about the organisation
      • other areas of the organisation
      • challenges senior executives face
      • how things get done within the organisation
  • For the Organisation
    • A high ROI that is measurable
    • A combination of effective skills development with business results
    • A talented team of people to work on strategic projects with outside opinions/fresh perspectives

This programme was developed and adapted by Dr Larry Wallace over a period of 14 years with more than 3,000 participants worldwide and has led to cost savings and increases in income in the tens of millions of dollars for the participating clients.