Clients approach me to help them develop their skills as a leader – to prepare for a change in role or to help them develop a specific skill that they struggle with.  In addition, clients use me as a coach to help them get greater clarity on how to address a strategic issue. Creating a safe space to talk through, and if necessary, challenge their thinking so they have the confidence to proceed is an important part of the coaching.  In a busy, stressful environment, the impact can be much more significant to have the “space” to think things through and execute a well thought out plan.

Areas of Coaching Experience

Career transition:   clarifying future career aspirations by understanding key strengths, motivation and value to an organisation, identifying and developing key skills required for a new position as well as planning the first few months in a role to maximise impact.

High potential talent:  assertiveness, motivating others, communicating with impact, effective delegation and managing difficult situations

Career management:   understanding key strengths and how to leverage them to progress one’s career

Interview based 360 feedback review:  receiving specific feedback on areas for development and strengths to help improve a greater self-awareness and ensure coaching is tied to specific goals for development and impact.

How it Typically Works

Typically sessions last for 1 1/2 to 2 hours over several months, around 1 month apart depending on the issue being addressed.  Clarity on the goal/s for the sessions are agreed upon at the outset, often in consultation with a client’s manager and/or HR Director and reviewed for progress throughout, sometimes formally at mid-point.  At the completion of the sessions, we ensure that the goal/s have been achieved.

Psychometric tests, such as Hogan, MBTI or CliftonStrengths, may be used.  If appropriate, a 360 degree feedback review (preferably interview based) may also be used at the initial stages to gain greater self-awareness.

Clients appreciate my business experience as I understand the environment and pressures they face and my style of questioning helps to get to the heart of the issue.  I am able to challenge their thinking whilst providing support and encouragement.  I always take an active interest in ensuring that my clients reach their goal.